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News from DARC

Grand opening of the core zebrafish facility

10 September 2015

Zebrafish are excellent animal models to study human disease. And our postdoc Pia Lundegaard is an excellent zebrafish researcher heading the Faculty's brand new zebrafish facility.

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New article in Scientific Reports

25 August 2015

Together with their collaboration partners at the University in Antwerp, Belgium, PhD student Jens-Peter David and associate professor Nicole Schmitt have published an article in Scientific Reports.

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Two new faces

03 August 2015

Daniel and Makhala has joined the Ion Channel Group

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New challenges for Søren-Peter Olesen

01 July 2015

Professor Søren-Peter Fuchs Olesen, will join the Danish National Research Foundation

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Funding for Morten

29 January 2015

Morten B Thomsen received 100.000 dkk

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Welcome to Lisa A Gottlieb

28 January 2015

New member of the Ion Channel Group

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Ion Channel Symposium 2015

02 January 2015

The online registration is open!

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Camilla & PhD Cup - reloaded

01 December 2014

Camilla Stampe Jensen participated in a video promoting the PhD Cup 2015

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Symposium 2015

03 November 2014

The program of the Ion Channel Symposium 2015 is out now!

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New member in the Ion Channel Group

08 October 2014

Julie joined our group as research assistant

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COFUND Marie Curie fellowship to Thomas Jepps

07 October 2014

Thomas Jepps has been awarded a 2 year COFUND Marie Curie fellowship

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Welcome to Anniek Lubberding!

15 September 2014

Master student Anniek Lubberding joins the Ion Channel Group for one year.

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Publication for Camilla Stampe Jensen

26 August 2014

Postdoc Camilla Stampe Jensen and her collaboration partner Hiroaki Misonou from the Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan, employed live-cell imaging of post-Golgi vesicles in cultured hippocampal neurons.

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Hearts on film

19 August 2014

The Faculty contributed at this year's Science in the City festival with a big exhibition and science slams.

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Welcome to Edward Humphries!

14 August 2014

PhD student Edward Humphries joins the Ion Channel Group for three months.

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High expectations - the Maersk Tower

18 July 2014

See Søren-Peter Olesen in a feature about the new facilities in the Maersk building.

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Welcome to Manizheh!

16 June 2014

Manizheh Azhdari has joined the Ion Channel Group.

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Prestigious award for Jesper Hastrup Svendsen

01 June 2014

Professor Jesper Hastrup Svendsen has received the Odd Fellow Research Prize.

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Feature in Danish newspaper Politiken

05 May 2014

The Danish newspaper Politiken featured an article about zebrafish disease models in their issue from May 3rd. Stars of this article are, well yes, the zebrafish, but foremost our PhD student Pia Lundegaard.
Pia explains how she uses zebrafish for her research on schizophrenia and its possible treatment. You can read the article (available) in Danish only here:
Angste zebrafisk skal teste medicin mod skizofreni og hudkræft

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Welcome to Mark!

02 May 2014

Mark Alexander Skarsfeldt is the first new face to join our project on “Safe and effective pharmacological treatment for atrial fibrillation”, which is a collaborative project between the Ion channel Group and Acesion Pharma, funded by the Innovation Foundation – Denmark. Mark will be working on validating novel targets for the treatment of atrial fibrillation.
Mark has previously worked as a research scientist and assistant at Danish biotech companies and at the University where he has gained extensive knowledge on pharmacology and cardiovascular physiology....

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Welcome to Thomas!

01 May 2014

Thomas Dalsgaard has  joined the Ion Channel Group.

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Next career stage for Tau Benned-Jensen

02 April 2014

Tau Benned-Jensen has got a new position.

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Goodbye and welcome!

31 March 2014

A short goodbye - Ewa Soltysinska has her last working day in the Ion Channel Group on March 31. Ewa has been working with us for a seven years, conducting both PhD and postdoctoral research. Yet not tears to be shed - she will stay attached to our lab even though she takes a new position at the University Hospital. She will take advantage of some of our equipment in her new project on hormonal regulation of the heart. So she will be around. And that's great!
A long welcome - Anders Peter Larsen has just returned from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, where he conducted his postdoctoral research at the Cardiovascular Research and Training Institute. After mor...

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PhD scholarship to Louise Leth Hefting

28 March 2014

Louise Leth Hefting got mail! And what a good one!

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Welcome to a new bachelor student

15 February 2014

Christian Paludan-Müller conducts his bachelor project in our lab. Christian is in his 5th semester studying medicine. He took the challenge to work in a laboratory instead of embarking on literature study. He will focus on the functional characterization of ion channel mutations associated with arrythmia.

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Funding for Jens-Peter David

12 September 2013

PhD student Jens-Peter received fundig

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A nice Summer start for Tobias

25 June 2013

PhD student Tobias Speerschnieder from the Ion Channel Group received DKK 1,2 Mio from Højteknologifonden

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Lecture by Søren-Peter Olesen and Alicia Lundby

15 May 2013

Lecture by Søren-Peter Olesen and Alicia Lundby at the Festival of Research 2013

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Camilla one of the PhD cup winners

15 April 2013

Camilla participated in this years’ PhD Cup -  and she made it !

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Success for DARC researchers

19 March 2013

DARC publication selected as “Paper of the Month” by the European Society of Cardiology.

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Funding boost for clinical research

09 February 2013

DARC member Jesper-Hastrup Svendsen received 15.6 mio DKK from the Danish Research Council.

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Congratulations and thanks to Stig Haunsø

08 February 2013

DARC board member Stig Haunsø turns 70 today.

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Ion Channel Symposium 2013

14 January 2013

Check the exciting program and register already now!

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New DARC article

29 December 2012

Members of DARC have published an article in the European Heart Journal.

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Christmas came earlier this year...

06 December 2012

Several lab members received funding, and we like to share our joy about these early Christmas presents...

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Funding for pre-graduate scholar!

23 November 2012

Research year student Sine Voss Winther and Assoc. professor Morten B Thomsen received 216,000 DKK from The Danish Council for Independent Research

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Funding for Jens-Peter David

24 October 2012

PhD student Jens-Peter David from the Ion Channel Group received 50.000 DKK from the Snedkermester Sophus Jacobsen og hustru Astrid Jacobsens Foundation

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What a great month!

27 September 2012

Good news are coming in from funding agencies.

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Funding from the Danish Heart Foundation

11 September 2012

We are grateful to the Danish Heart Foundation which has chosen to support five projects from DARC members.

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and yet another lucky one!

10 September 2012

PhD student Jens-Peter David received a travel grant from the Danish Heart Foundation

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DARC wins First Price

29 August 2012

Fan Wang won the Young Investigator Award at the 39th International Congress on Electrocardiology in Beijing.

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Meet us in China!

29 August 2012

Postdoc Annette Buur Steffensen and PhD student Jens-Peter David were chosen to give oral presentations at the Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conference coming up in September.

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Poster Award to Tobias Speerschneider

20 June 2012

PhD student Tobias Speerschneider from the Ion channel Group won a Poster Award at the DaCRA Summer Meeting 2012.

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Fan Wang wins Young Investigator Presenter Award

02 May 2012

PhD student Fan Wang won a 2012 Jos Willems Young Investigator Presenter Award.

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Features on DARC articles

13 April 2012

Two articles from DARC authors featured in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology.

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Morten B Thomsen new nucleus member of ESC working Group

07 March 2012

Morten B Thomsen from the Ion Channel Group has been elected nucleus member of the European Working Group for Cardiac Cellular Electrophysiology

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Welcome to Saereh!

02 February 2012

Saereh Khanamiri is a new PhD student in the Ion Channel Group.

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Funding for Nicole Schmitt

31 January 2012

Nicole Schmitt received 200.000 DKK from the Aase og Ejnar Danielsens Foundation.

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Funding for Nicole Schmitt and Morten Salling Olesen

27 January 2012

Nicole Schmitt and Morten Salling Olesen received the Fondsbørsvekselerer Henry Hansen og Hustrus scholarship.

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Register for the Ion Channel Symposium 2012!

13 January 2012

The program for the Ion Channel Symposium 2012 is online!

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Funding for Nicole Schmitt

19 December 2011

Nicole Schmitt has received DKK 50.000 from The A.P. Møller Foundation for the Advancement of Medical Science.

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Cardiovascular Research Seminars Spring 2012

13 December 2011

Cardiovascular Research Seminars – new lecture series in spring 2012!

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DARC co-workers on frontpage!

02 November 2011

The recently published review article by Camilla Stampe Jensen and Hanne Borger Rasmussen in Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience was featured by an image on the cover page of the journal.

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Kirstine Callø receives Young Investigator Award

31 October 2011

Kirstine Callø from the Ion Channel Group received the Gordon K Moe Young Investigator Award

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PhD course "Ion Transport and Cancer"

03 October 2011

On Dec 9, 2011 we will conduct the PhD course "Ion Transport and Cancer" for the second time.

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Talk about K2P channels

29 September 2011

On Oct 7, Kate Ress visits the Ion Channel Group.

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New Master student in the Ion Channel Group

30 August 2011

Welcome to our new Master student in the Ion Channel Group, Louise Leth Hefting

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Guest student in Ion Channel Group

01 August 2011

The Ion Channel Group got a new summer guest student.

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Editor's choice

04 July 2011

DARC article selected as "Editor's choice" in Experimental Physiology.

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Funding for Morten B Thomsen

28 June 2011

Morten B Thomsen has received DKK 84.399 from the Arvid Nilsson Foundation.

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Impressions from the Ion Channel Symposium

20 June 2011

True to tradition, we assembled some pictures from this year's Ion Channel Symposium.

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Spot on DARC research about sudden cardiac death

29 April 2011

Bo Gregers Winkel and co-workers published a "Nationwide study of sudden cardiac death in persons aged 1-35 years" (Eur Heart J 32:983, 2011)

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Easter surprise

19 April 2011

Post Doc Morten B. Thomsen received a nice Easter egg

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DARC article featured in Europace

29 March 2011

An article recently published in Europace is discussed in an accompanying editorial.

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Award to Bo Liang

25 March 2011

Bo Liang, PhD student at DARC, is recipient of the prestigious Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad by the Ministry of Education of China.

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Søren-Peter Olesen in Public Service Review

17 March 2011

Centre Director Søren-Peter Olesen comments on the advantages that working with industry holds for Danish research.

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Spotlight on Søren-Peter Olesen

07 March 2011

Centre director Søren-Peter Olesen is featured on the website of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

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Postdoc Morten B Thomsen received DKK 25.000

04 February 2011

Funding for Morten B Thomsen

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Check in and check out

03 January 2011

People come and go...

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Alicia Lundby awarded the Sapere Aude Stipend.

22 December 2010

Alicia Lundby received the prestigious Sapere Aude stipend.

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Ion Channel Symposium 2011

15 December 2010

The online registration for the Ion Channel Symposium 2011 is now open!

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and December is good, too...

06 December 2010

Novo Nordisk Fonden gave 200.000 DKK each to three different projects in the Ion Channel Group.

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Cardiovascular Research Seminar

26 November 2010

We are organizing a "Cardiovascular Research Seminar" series.

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Søren-Peter Olesen on TV

24 November 2010

Søren-Peter Olesen appeared in the news magazine TV2/Lorry

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It's not November Rain, it's Money Rain

17 November 2010

Alicia Lundby and Bo Hjorth Bentzen received funding

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Funding for Postdoc Kirstine Callø

16 November 2010

Kirstine Calloe has received DKK 10.000 from the King Christian 10th foundation.

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DARC on Norwegian TV

08 November 2010

Norwegian TV news featured DARC study on atrial fibrillation.

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Funding for two DARC members

04 November 2010

Two DARC members received funding

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Project funding for Postdoc Morten B Thomsen

11 October 2010

Morten B Thomsen received funding for his project "Multimodal role of KChIP2: ion-channel subunit, transcriptional repressor and heart-failure regulator"

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Funding for PhD students at DARC

22 September 2010

DARC PhD students Jakob Dahl Nissen and Martin Nybo Andersen have received funding

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Can laughing kill?

01 September 2010

DARC director Søren-Peter Olesen was asked helping answering this question.

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New face in the Ion Channel Group

02 August 2010

Artina Metoska (Tina) is joining the Ion Channel Group as a guest research assistent.

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Impressions from symposium

27 July 2010

We assembled some pictures from the Ion Channel Symposium 2010.

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Smiling DARC PhD students

26 July 2010

Now also in pictures: Young Investigator Awards to DARC students Ewa Soltysinska and Bo Liang.

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Funding for Postdoc Hanne Borger Rasmussen

08 July 2010

Hanne Borger Rasmussen received funding for her studies

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DARC in the press

29 June 2010

DARC research receives attention by the press.

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We welcome new PhD students!

16 June 2010

Søren Grubb and Tobias Speerschneider joined DARC as PhD students

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Young Investigator Awards to DARC students

08 June 2010

Two PhD students at DARC won Young Investigator Awards at the International Congress on Electrocardiology.

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Much to celebrate

26 May 2010

Senior scientist Jakob Lerche Hansen along with his postdoc Gitte Lund Christensen got the honor of having the article Quantitative phosphoproteomics dissection of 7TM receptor signaling using full and biased agonists published in Mol Cell Proteomics selected as one of the five most popular articles by the G-protein newsletter.

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DARC in the newspaper

04 March 2010

Bo Gregers Winkel, MD and PhD student at DARC has been cited in "Dagens Medicin".

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Funding for Postdoc Morten B Thomsen

19 February 2010

Morten Thomsen received funding for his studies focusing on the cardiac ion channels in different animal models.

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Outstanding article

04 January 2010

DARC publication selected as one of the four most outstanding basic research papers in Heart Rhythm in 2009.

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Ion Channel Symposium 2010

22 December 2009

The Ion Channel Symposium 2010 is now open for registration.

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A generous Christmas present...

14 December 2009

Anders Peter Larsen receives funding from the Carlsberg Foundation.

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Two DARC members received funding from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

01 December 2009

Jakob Lerche Hansen was awarded 250.000 DKK for his project "Allosteric modulation of bradykinin type 2 receptors".

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DARC at the AHA Annual Meeting

23 November 2009

Bo Gregers Winkel, MD and PhD student at DARC got the honor to present his work at the Scientific Sessions 2009 of the American Heart Association that recently took place in Orlando USA.

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Goodbye to Anders Peter Larsen

10 November 2009

Anders Peter Larsen moved on to his postdoctoral training in the US.

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Funding for Postdoc Kirstine Callø

02 October 2009

Postdoc Kirstine Callø received funding for her studies.

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01 October 2009

Thomas Jespersen obtained a position as Associate Professor.

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17 September 2009

DARC on the frontpage of "Indenrigs".

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Welcome to our new centre coordinator!

17 August 2009

A warm welcome goes to our new centre coordinator, Ragnhild Mostert!

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29 June 2009

Good news for our centre - we receive further funding!

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Symposium 2009 in pictures

03 June 2009

Again, this year's symposium was great!

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Conference "Sudden Cardiac Death - Cardiovascular Therapy"

26 March 2009

We like to announce the conference "Sudden Cardiac Death - Cardiovascular Therapy"

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We welcome our new co-workers.

01 January 2009

Nancy Mutsaers and Morten Thomsen joined DARC.

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Ion Channel Symposium 2009

22 December 2008

The Ion Channel Symposium 2009 is now open for registration.

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Article in Nature Genetics

10 November 2008

A new method for inserting transgenes into Caenorhabditis elegans.

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Now online!

23 October 2008

Check DR2's homepage for the latest program of "Viden Om".

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Feature in Universitetsavisen

13 October 2008

Read two articles about DARC in the latest issue of Universitetsavisen!

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07 October 2008

"Viden Om". That's the title of a scientific series on Danish TV channel DR2.

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"The Science behind Research"

04 July 2008

This was the headline of an article published in Utica Observer-Dispatch featuring DARC's Kirstine Calloe.

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Symposium 2008 - Retrospective

03 June 2008

The Ion Channel Symposium 2008 is over, but the impressions remain!

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Summer begins...

21 May 2008

We welcome our summer student Shahed Alam.

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See pictures from the Prince Christian Fellowship award ceremony

02 May 2008

Centre leader Søren-Peter Olesen gave a talk on "The Danish-Australian Cardiac Research Connection" at the occasion of the Prince Christian Fellowship award session.

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Public lecture on cardiac arrhythmia

14 April 2008

On occasion of the “Festival of Research” (in Danish: Forskningens Døgn), centre leader Søren-Peter Olesen gives a lecture on cardiac arrhythmia.

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Ion Channel Symposium 2008

14 February 2008

The Ion Channel Symposium 2008 is now open for registration.

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PhD positions available

15 January 2008

We have two vacant PhD positions.

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Talent Award to Alicia Lundby

30 November 2007

As one of only three researchers Alicia Lundby has been awarded the Talent Award 2007 by the Lundbeck Foundation.

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New season of DARC meetings

24 October 2007

We started a new series of academic meetings.

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We welcome our new international co-workers.

04 July 2007

Oleg Osadchii and Ewa Soltysinska joined the Ion Channel Group.

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Relaunch of DARC website

10 May 2007

DARC relaunches their website.

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Faculty Award to Alicia Lundby

05 October 2006

Alicia Lundby received the Faculty's Award for Best Young Scientist.

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DARC on Danish Radio

10 August 2006

Interview about DARC with centre director Søren-Peter Olesen.

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DARC on air

02 July 2006

Radio interview with Peter Norsk and Søren-Peter Olesen.

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